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A friend got me into watching The 100 a month or two back and I am completely hooked! Earlier today I was trying to shake my nerves over starting a new job and I decided to write a small piece about my hero, Raven Reyes. I don’t think I’m very good at these kinds of things because I do not think in a straight line so it’s hard for me to keep things coherent. Hopefully I did an okay job. Spoilers through 3×11 Nevermore.

Raving About Raven Reyes

I loved Raven Reyes from the moment she appeared on my screen. I had no idea then just how much she would come to mean to me.

See, here’s the thing. Clarke is my favorite character because I identify so much with her and love her to death, but Raven Reyes is my hero. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a character be put through so much and remain as strong willed and amazing as she has.

We already know that Raven has had a rough start in life from the beginning but she’s managed to carve out a niche for herself and seems to be pretty happy doing what she loves. And then Abby Griffin recruits her for an impossible job and things start to change.

It seems like from the second Raven starts working to get to the ground, her struggles begin. We watch her suffer setback after setback, challenge after challenge, and still she does not give up. Even when she succumbs to ALIE in the midst of a deep depression, it isn’t long before she starts to fight… and so far, she’s the only one we’ve seen do that!

She’s also such a forgiving person. She tries so hard to forgive Finn for cheating on her ten days after leaving (and really before that if you count emotional cheating), forgives Clarke for killing him once she realizes what she saved Finn from (something I really don’t think I could do), and I could go on and on about how many people she’s forgiven for despicable acts. She even puts aside her anger at Lexa to comfort Clarke the moment she needs it.

Raven is also a genius, something we see her employ over and over again. Without her, so many things wouldn’t have been possible. She’s become an indispensable part of the delinquents even though she didn’t start off as one and her friendship with Clarke is my second favorite relationship of the show after the Blake siblings.

I could honestly go on and on about all the reasons that I love Raven Reyes but I want to add just one more reason why: Lindsey Morgan’s portrayal of her. I recently read an interview where Lindsey admitted that playing Raven’s disability is hurting her physically but she doesn’t want to fix it because it’s a part of Raven now and because she recognizes how important that representation is.

And her portrayal of Raven is so multifaceted and just beautifully done. Raven Reyes is one character where writing and acting just have meshed so perfectly to create one amazing, badass character who can kick your ass and then apologize to you or tell you that you deserved it, whichever one is correct.

But for me, what makes her my absolute favorite is the fact that she does not ever completely break. One could argue that she did by taking the chip, but I disagree because she brought herself to fight against it later. She’s such a strong character whose weakness is that she cares too much and that speaks to me so much.

I believe that she’s the strongest character. She’s gone through so damn much and is still standing and kicking ass! I honestly don’t think I could handle half of what she’s gone through and she’s stronger than ever at this point.

So far, I think Nevermore has been my favorite episode of the season in large part due to the sheer amount of love Raven was showered with and how happy she was to be back to herself. Even with everything that’s happened to her, she still manages to be a bright ray of sunshine in a dismal world and that is so amazing.

Raven Reyes is my hero!