Wow, did I really just type those words? To be honest, yesterday still seems like a completely wonderful, perfect day, the kind that only happens in stories and dreams. But yes, yesterday, June 04, 2016, I met the one and only Amy Acker at the Dallas Fan Expo. For those who don’t know, Amy is a Dallas native so her appearance at this convention was a homecoming, timed perfectly after Person of Interest’s shocking 100th episode that has devastated many (myself included).

My day started super early, waking up at 5:45 AM to get dressed to be ready to leave by the time my aunt picked me up at 6:30 or so. We talked about Amy a bit as we waited for closer to the time for the DART rail to arrive. It was my first time to use it and only my second time to use public transportation at all, so I was nervous! Thankfully, the universe aligned and everything went smoothly.

I arrived at the convention center early so I had roughly an hour to kill which worked out as I got to watch Amy live on Good Day (FOX) and fangirl that I would get to see her in person very soon! At nine o’clock, they let us start getting our tickets and line up. I was so excited that I could hardly stand still and when they finally started letting us in, I thought I would die from excitement.

I’d made plans to meet up with fellow Amy fans and it was beyond what I’d dreamed when they arrived at Amy’s autograph booth. I only had enough money to buy a photo op, so imagine my complete joy when one of them handed me the money to get her autograph! It brought me to tears and I still can’t stop smiling. Over the course of the day, I came to realize that’s just the kind of person she is, truly one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

Amy’s line moved very slowly because she is such a sweetheart that she let fans talk for however long she wanted. I think we stood in line for a little over an hour and then suddenly (or so it seemed), the first of our group was going, the second was going, and then before I could believe it, I was picking out my photo and waiting for my turn. And then it was my turn.

I won’t lie, I was totally star struck. She asked me for my name and I told her and then told her that I thought she was amazing and how my best friend and I met through her roles on Angel. She was very interested and I told her that Illyria was her favorite character so after I finished Angel, I messaged her to discuss and things went from there. Amy was very interested and asked if she lived near me and I told her no, she lived in England and she thought that was really cool and asked if we video chat or what and I said, “No, we usually just message. She’s meeting you in December and she’s so excited!” and she smiled so big and was like “Awwwww!” as she signed my photo.

I was starting to get over my nerves at this point but wasn’t quite there so I just kind of breathed, “You’re so awesome,” as she handed me the photo and I held it like it was the most precious treasure on earth (’cause hey, it is!) and then I remembered these letters I’d had, one I’d written in case what happened did and I couldn’t tell her everything I wanted to and one from a fan who asked me to deliver it to her. I was so flustered that I didn’t even notice I only pulled one out of my pocket until later but Amy just smiled so huge with this completely surprised, appreciative expression and she said, “Awwwwww, thank you so much!!!” and stood up to lean over the table and hug me! I can’t remember exactly what I said after that, but I imagine I just told her how awesome she is again before walking away in a complete daze.

Amy Acker is so much more amazing and perfect in person than you could ever dream. I already loved her so much and considered her my sunshine, something I told her in my letter. I suffer from depression that can get very dark at times, but watching anything Amy has been in or seeing photos of her always makes me feel so much better. And now having met her, stood with just a table between us and even taken a group photo with her… God, there are no words.

She is so genuine and she literally makes you feel like there’s no one else in the room as she talks to you. She cares and it’s so obvious that she wants to know all of her fans at least a little bit. She makes you feel so appreciated even while she’s got a long line of other people waiting their turn behind you and she’s so humble, kind, sweet, gorgeous, perfect… I can’t even put it into words but she has such a comforting presence and I’ve never experienced anything like it. If you have any tiny chance of meeting Amy Acker, I completely encourage you to take it. It is beyond worth it, I promise.

After that, the Amy squad as we dubbed ourselves went to hang out for a bit and get to know each other a little more before going to line up for photo ops. One of the others had bought a group and asked me to join in so I not only got a photo with Amy but three of the best women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! And it turned out to be a good thing too because when I went to purchase my solo, she was finished so I couldn’t.

Then most of the squad went to have a delicious lunch and margaritas and just had a lot of fun getting to know each other even more and we did a bit of talking about my amazing best friend and how sweet she is, not to mention how much we wished she could be there. Then M (the one who paid for my autograph!) and I went to hang out in their hotel room for a bit and rest, talking about POI and other random things until we headed back. I was hoping to take advantage of Amy’s selfie for $10 deal since I’d already gotten an autograph but her line was so long that they’d already capped it because she had a panel in a few hours!

So we just walked around, admiring cosplays and checking out merchandise (oh, and we also made a pit stop near Lucy Hale’s booth to see her in person–didn’t get to meet her but gosh, she’s so tiny and beautiful), occasionally checking Amy’s line. I never did get a chance for that selfie but despite being a little bummed at first, I couldn’t stay that way. It was too amazing to see her getting the love she deserves and I just thought hey, at least I got the one and a hug! And I’m already planning to go to another convention sometime so I’ll have another chance!

After a while, we went to get in line for Amy’s panel (click to watch, courtesy of one of the Amy Squad who has been dubbed the Acker Documentarian!) and were soon admitted. We were in the third row and let me tell you, you know how she always sounds really quiet on the videos of her panels? That’s not sound quality! She has a lovely, soft voice and it was amazing to watch how many times she seemed taken aback when someone told her how much they admired her. She is truly just the most humble, down to earth woman I have ever seen in my life and her answers were all so amazing. Her answer to how she felt about representing such an underrepresented community as the LGBT one made me tear up, and I grinned hearing that Fred was her favorite character to play. (I LOVE that scientist!)

After that panel let out, the squad and I went our separate ways and I headed for the rail station. Got a bit lost but eventually found my way. I got on the wrong train (oops) and had to deal with a few sketchy characters, but they all left me alone so I was good. Ended up taking about 2 hours to get home where my grandmother picked me up and bought me dinner. At this point, I was too exhausted to even eat so I ate my fries and part of my burger and called it a night.

I woke up quite a few times last night just thinking… “I met and hugged Amy Acker!”, feeling extremely blissful and falling back asleep. I can honestly say it’s the best night of sleep I’ve had in ages. Work today was so perfect because I just kept thinking about it and internally squeeing.

So in conclusion, once again, I urge you to meet Amy Acker if ever given the chance. I’m still unable to process how much more I love her now and how much more perfect she is than you can ever dream until you’re standing  across from her, watching her focus on you like you’re the only person in the room. It’s truly the most perfect day of my life and one I will never forget, not only because of Amy but because of the truly amazing friendships she has helped form!


My autograph! (I’ve removed the sticky note now, but I found the image of Reese’s face covered amusing. I let Amy choose what to write and I think it makes it even more special to me!)